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Provider Support Office is the first point of contact to assist you with resolving issues related to applying for Direct Data Entry (DDE) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) via the Integrated System (IS); DDE/EDI forms completion assistance; electronic claims research and information; procedure and diagnosis codes; becoming a Fee-For-Service (FFS) Provider; re-credentialing; provider materials; over-threshold authorization; provider rates; Reports; care coordination; access to services; referral assistance; Language Directory; FFS Provider Manual and Bulletins; Out-of-County Provider Services; FFS Clinical Records/Documentation Standards; Consent Standards; Provider Responsibilities for Beneficiary Materials; obtaining forms; Service Dispute Resolution Process; and any other FFS Local Mental Health Plan issues. Provider Support Office can be reached at (213) 738-3311.

DMH Help Desk is the first point of contact to provide assistance with EDI/SFT (Secure File Transfer) transactions, Secure ID Cards, first-time DDE log-on assistance, system access/non-response difficulties, DDE roles updates/revisions, EDI/SFT testing and any other technical questions. DMH Help Desk can be reached at (213) 351-1335.

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